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Application SNAF in AppStore

Dear Friends!We have completed a long and high-quality work on the mobile application of our project.The result is stunning - the functionality is at the high level of a social application. Click here now and install app in your device!

The application contains practically the full functionality of the site: your profile, friends, messages, news, clubs, photos, videos, favourites.

You can upload photos using filters, sign pictures, share your favourite photos and life events with friends, comment, point out what you like. There is a great number of thematic clubs on Apple.

Be online together with SNAF.ME!


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Lia Taban
nov 11, 2012 at 8:24 am

Приходится попотеть, чтобы достичь совершенства, но минутное совершенство оправдывает все усилия. От совершенства и требовать нельзя, чтобы оно длилось дольше.

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