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Description:SNAF Technical support club.
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[29/04/2014] Application SNAF has been updated. Added Stickers section.

[22/02/2014] Application SNAF has been updated. Added iTunes section.

[10/02/2014] iTunes content on the WebSite. Now you can add to your profile or to comments iTunes content: music, movies, books, apps.

[23/08/2013] AppStore SNAF mobile application was updated. New features available, many bugs fixed.

[23/07/2013] AppStore SNAF mobile application published.

[3/08/2012] New design!

[24/06/2012] Video albums.

[04/06/2012] New photo and video functions.

[05/04/2012] First advertising in Russia :)

[31/03/2012] Smart-clubs (by countries, devices and applications).

[23/03/2012] Public opening.

[21/03/2012] Relationship statuses.

[17/03/2012] Microblogs.

[26/02/2012] Personal statuses - iThink.

[24/02/2012] Clubs and events.

[9/02/2012] "Like" added.


Q: Do you have iphone/ipad application?


Q: What about music?

A: Yea, legal content only (from iTunes).

Q: Can I buy advertising?

A: No. You can create club and promote it. All services are free.

Q: How I can promote my club?

A: You can invite friends and others SNAF-members through special function. Please, do not use spam!

Q: What is this SNAF????

A: SNAF is a Social Network of Apple Fans. It is same as Facebook but about Apple. If your friends likes Apple, please invite them!

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